Mia was born in Ibiza, an island where freedom is a way of life and expression.

More than a brand, it is a project in which Edurne, as a designer, expresses her emotions through the design of her collections.

Its identity, "the triangular geometry" where LOVE-ROCK-BALANCE comes together giving rise to a different and exclusive fashion brand, where the triangle will be a distinctive feature in most of the designs in its collections, which are limited editions only.

Mia Ibiza is committed to a sustainable lifestyle, where fashion plays a very important role, which is why almost all pieces are made of 100% recycled and ecological fabrics and materials.

Mia «natural fibers», cotton-crepe-silk-tencel lyocell, carefully selected fabrics in Italy.

Each piece is designed by Edurne and handcrafted by quality manufacturers in Italy.

The comfort and versatility of all its pieces reveal an informal and sophisticated style for those looking for quality and simplicity. Timeless pieces that will live in your closet forever.

Mia Ibiza is design, simplicity, versatility, exclusivity, comfort, elegance and sensuality...

Mia Ibiza is a combination of minimalist pieces with a "chic" and urban touch with a clear eighties and rock influence.

Mia Ibiza is ...